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Mone¥ MerM grew up in the small town of Hammond, Louisiana, and was surrounded by music as early as he could remember. At eight years old, he started formal piano lessons, but soon figured out that the structure of reading music didn’t quite fit his style of learning. Soon after, his father bought him a MPC 2000 drum machine for his birthday and he didn’t come out of his room for 48hours. A musician himself, his father knew he had something. He flooded the house with sounds of Classic Soul, Funk, Reggae and Rap Music playing everything from  Curtis Mayfield to NWA and it didn’t take long to find his sound; BASS,BASS and More BASS.

Now he’s launching his first solo project called the Art of Seduction with the first single “Jealous¥”  dropping Summer Quarter 2015; packed with Heavy Bass and rapid-fire trap snares he’s already making noise in the clubs in Houston, Atlanta and Las Vegas..

His music can be described as charismatic, provocative and street savvy, a true testament to his lifestyle and upbringing.

 Comparable Artist: BigKrit, Future, Chedda da Connect, UGK, 2Chains, Kevin Gates, Yo Gotti, Rocko, Migos

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